Wedding planning advice: 10 Steps to making wedding planning easy

Wedding planning can get really overwhelming. Newly engaged brides and grooms to be start all excited and often quickly realise they have no idea where to begin! Nina who runs Occasion Queens and professionally helps couples make their day the best it can be, created a list of 10 basics to remember when planning your wedding.  


There are so many ways to go about planning your wedding but I really do feel that there are 10 things that you should keep in mind from the beginning to keep things on track…

  1. Money, money, money!

Whether it be £10, £100 or £10,000, you need to know how much you can spend as this will dictate so many different aspects of your wedding planning. So work out what your maximum budget (plus a little bit more!) and start that spreadsheet so you can easily keep on top of where you’re at and how much you still have to play with.

  1. Who will be there?

This is easy (no really, it is): list everyone you want to invite. This may be influenced by your budget and it will probably be one of the elements that influences your budget the most so you may have to be a bit ruthless! But remember, this is your day, no one else’s so make sure you are surrounded by the people you want, love and care about and who will still be in your lives in 10 years’ time.

  1. Where?

Research! Look at what is important to you, whether that be décor, natural light or nice loos! Use venue finding websites and go on a few visits to your favourites. It may be a hotel or warehouse; it doesn’t matter so long as it is right for you. Make sure you don’t miss the important things though, like can it hold the number of people you have attending or the type of wedding you want to host? What are their rules on catering and drinks? Make sure you get answers to the questions you need and you feel comfortable with who you are dealing with.

gay wedding supplier directoryVenue: Nurstead Court [one of our suppliers!]

  1. Invitations

If you have a theme or set colours then this is a great starting point for pulling together what your invitations will look like. Make sure they include all the relevant information but also remember this sets the tone for your day so let it represent you both. Oh and RSVPs are always a hassle so don’t expect them all to come back on time – if at all!

  1. Theme

How all out are you going to go? Do you want to have a star trek wedding or something based around your favourite films? It may be that you want to stick to your favourite colours or the latest trends. Once you know the look then you can see what will fit in your budget and how subtle or extravagant you can be.

  1. No one goes hungry

This can take up a lot of your budget so plan this early on. Depending on your venue and what you have agreed, you may be able to do this yourself with a simple buffet. You may have to use the venue’s preferred caterers or caterers of your own choice. Food may also be included in your rate, in which case all you have to do is choose your favourites (and a few that everyone will like!) Make sure it caters for all the ages, especially drink! For example, is there juice for the kids during the drinks reception? And make sure that if your meal isn’t till late afternoon onwards that your guests have had a nibble at some point – you don’t want it to be all booze and no substance!

Photo by Jessica Grace Photography [one of our suppliers!]
  1. Making it look pretty!

You will find that quite a bit of time can be spent thinking about the decor! You can be as creative and adventurous as your heart desires. Your budget will dictate how much you DIY and how much you use from suppliers. Scour Etsy, Amazon and eBay for some brilliant bargains and of course, pin a million things on Pinterest. But make sure, whatever you do, it fits with your venue – everything will look so much better if you do.

  1. Let there be cake!

Let’s face it, no celebration goes without the obligatory cake cutting. And why should it? This is the time when everyone comes together, your day and evening guests and it kicks off a lot of the celebrations. You may feel that this is something you can do for yourself if you’re a dab hand with an icing bag! Think about family or friends who may be able to help you. However, if budget allows there are some amazing creative ideas out there now to fit any theme and colour pallet. The best part – the tastings are just amazing! Don’t be shy to move away from the traditional victoria sponge and go for an oreo or white chocolate. Either way have fun with it and enjoy the creative part of choosing a cake.

  1. Having fun!

Keep everyone happy with entertainment. The key to a good party is different elements so everyone is having fun. Do you need a DJ or would a live band be better? Do you need to hire a children’s entertainer or a photobooth? Try to cater for all ages whether that be a colouring pack for the kids at the tables or a mini casino for the adults later on! Contact several suppliers, do your research and find the best to fit all of your requirements.


Photo via Warble Entertainment [one of our suppliers!]
  1. Final checklist…

Go back over your lists and your budget. Make sure that you have catered for what you feel is important to have on your big day and the guests you are inviting. Is there anything you didn’t get due to money concerns but now the budget allows for? Can you invite a few more people? Or do you need to cut back in some areas because you are getting a bit close to your limit and still have shoes to buy? Have you worked out where you will be dropping all your decorations off to and who will be clearing up? Do you have a plan B in case it rains and your party is outside? Make sure you have ticked all the boxes!


Now all that is left is to enjoy the outcome of all your hard work, watching everyone have a good time and knowing the celebration is just what you wanted!


Occasion Queens is passionate about providing on the day set up and coordination. Nina has been running events both professionally and personally for nearly 15 years. She believes your special occasion should be memorable for all the right reasons and is here to take all the stress out of your day.

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