Oh that must be one of the best parts of planning your wedding! If you want to go beyond the classic Aperol Spritz, Bryan from Spin and Shake prepared five special cocktail recipes for you.

Well, after lockdown the weddings will be eventually returning to normal. On the wedding day and event, everyone wants to make their guests feel special and try to feed them well, and offer plenty of cocktails to drink.

Custom cocktails on special events are very popular options. You can also pass on your favorite wedding cocktail idea to your bartender or catering service provider. We have come up with 5 easy wedding cocktails all very exciting and customised.

5 Customised Wedding Cocktails

Basil-Blueberry Tom Collins

Tom Collins can be the a perfect wedding cocktail. This versatile drink includes blueberries and basil. You can also add a variety of add-ins as well via the DIY station at the venue.

Gin 2oz
Fresh Lemon Juice 3/4 oz 
Sugar 2 teaspoon 
Fresh Blueberry 7-8
Fresh Basil 8-12 Leafs

The drink can be prepared with 0.5 oz lemon juice added in 2 oz. vodka or gin. In this, you can add a teaspoon of powdered sugar along with Basil and blueberries as per your taste. You can also make it more classic and pleasant by adding a few fun changes and it will become the best among all the wedding cocktails mentioned here.

Norwegian Wood

This cocktail is made up by using the following ingredients:

1 oz. Mizu Lemongrass shochu
1 oz. Hayman’s Old Tom Gin
2 dashes 1821 Earl Grey bitters

0.5 oz. ginger demerara syrup with lime or lemonThis is a refreshing cocktail with a balanced sweet and tart taste along with some herbs. You can make your guests happy by serving this amazing and versatile cocktail. They can be over boozed, even so, be ready for that.

Tequila Eastside

The cocktail is quite popular and can be easily prepared on the counter. The ingredients for this are:

2 oz. Blanco
1 oz. lime juice
2 mint springs
2 cucumber wheels
0.75 oz. simple syrup

A refreshing and fresh drink is a good start for any wedding event. The Tequila Eastside contains lime, mint, cucumber, and herbs. The herbs can be used per season however, sage works perfectly when used with this cocktail. You can also buy Seedlip Garden to add to this cocktail. You can also ask your caterer to add a somewhat non-alcoholic cocktail.

Strawberry Gold Rush

In your party or event if there are guests who like strong whisky then this cocktail can best work for them. Moreover, for those who prefer something light and fruity, this can be the best drink. The drink can be a crowd-pleaser cocktail for your guests. The main ingredients of the drink are:

¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
¾ oz. honey syrup
2 oz. bourbon
2-3 fresh strawberries

This strawberry-flavored drink can be the best among the five best cocktails recipes for whisky and strawberry lovers.

Kingdom of Passion

Coffee cocktails are somewhat different but popular among guests. They can be the best for late-night parties as well. The caffeine content of this cocktail makes it the best drink for the reception. Well, you need not install a separate espresso machine to serve energizing and sweet beverages or any of the 5 easy wedding cocktails. The coffee used for this cocktail can be prepared in advance. The cocktail coffee can be prepared 14 days advance and has the following ingredients:

1 oz. espresso coffee
1 ½ oz. Tia Maria coffee liqueur
2 oz. milk and vanilla liquor
1 oz. Old Timer’s tonic syrup

A professional and flavored cocktail can be the center of attraction for your wedding event. By serving delicious and versatile cocktails you can make the event more successful and it can be an add-on for your party bartender. No event is complete if its guests are not happy, so add these 5 easy wedding cocktails to your list right now!.

Spin and Shake is a cocktail catering company specialising in private events. Founded a year ago by Bryan Levato who is one of the world’s top 6 best flair bartenders. We are based in London and operate all over the country.

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