I’ve been obsessing over House of Ollichon‘s wedding jumpsuits on Instagram for ages! Their outfits are perfect for modern brides who don’t care much about traditions and want to do something other than a big white dress and still look gorgeous and sophisticated. I’m so excited to be sharing with you their advice on picking an alternative wedding outfit perfect for your figure. 

The majority of our appointments start with brides telling me ‘I’m just not a fan of the big dress’, ‘I just want to feel like myself’ or ‘I’m a jeans and trainers kind of girl’. Although bridal trends have come a long way in recent years, we’re still scarred by the stereotypical expectation to wear a big white meringue!

Two-pieces have been hot for a couple of years but we have really seen the jumpsuit take off in the last six months which, obviously we are thrilled about! I feel like finally, brides to be are proud to break the mould and be themselves.

Our mantra at House of Ollichon is ‘Be a special version of your normal self’. That’s all our brides want!

We are honoured to have lots of same-sex couples come to House of Ollichon, it’s such fun to style a couple together and it’s the biggest honour as a designer to dress both brides. It’s crucial for couples to be on the same page when it comes to what level of bridal they go for. Our clients often end up going for one jumpsuit and one two piece between them, they’re matching but not the same and there’s no guessing game on who wears the dress and who wears the suit!

Best sellers and what works well for…

Big bust?

Many people think big boobs are minimised by high necklines: FALSE! Go low, go soft and slightly more open like a gentle V with plenty of collarbone on show as this adds a new dimension to the chest area. The Lowry would be a wonderful choice for those ‘blessed with a chest’ and is super flattering.


Boyish / athletic figures?

Go for a design that nips you in at the waist to create a silhouette. Pleats and peplums are also great as they add a touch of curve to the hip area. The Kay is great for creating a curve or the Quirke works well to give those a touch more shape around the hips.


Petite women?

Long skirts can often elongate the most petite of frames, go high-waisted to really stretch out your bottom half. The Hammond works wonders for adding the illusion of height.


Tall women?

Jumpsuits looks fab on tall women but, the key is proportion. So, find a good balance between the top half and bottom half to ensure you’re making the best of your height. The Bouilly is a very elegant design and the train adds a regal touch which always looks incredible on taller frames. You literally feel like Beyoncé in this piece!


Overall, it’s YOUR special day. Be proud and confident that you’re carrying through who YOU are on your big day. We hope to see you at our showroom soon!!

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