We had come across The Missing Sock venue in Cambridgeshire a few years ago, and were struck by how unique, colourful and quirky it was.  There were so many unique features, from a Karaoke bus to quirky seats in a pond to painted murals.  Everything about festival weddings is over the top colour-wise and bright, so, from the outset The Missing Sock was the perfect backdrop for this styled shoot.


    The Missing Sock is part of a charitable network and the profits of the business go towards other linked charities around the country.

    Other venues and projects include CIC organisation Breathing Space (a retreat centre for women) Kinda Village (a growing community in the beautiful landscape of South Wales, and Kinda Place ‘Preston Sands Hotel’ an ETHICAL and community based hotel in Devon.


    We made the bouquets big, bright, oversized and extravagant, with tons of mixed colourful ribbon handles.  The flower crowns worked great with the bouquets, and if it’s festival-themed, there has to be some crown-wearing! Wild flowers were definitely ideal for this styled shoot, and this tends to be a natural choice by couples, particularly for this venue, as well as those looking for a festival vibe wedding.  The British grown and whimsical style flowers included the quirky craspedia (yellow balls), daisies,  and the unusual textured burgundy amaranthus – were ideal choices within the mixed bouquets.


    If you’re dreaming about sophisticated, elegant wedding in France this wedding styled shoot will definitely get you inspired. 


    The starting point for planning this wedding styled shoot was the colour. We knew that we wanted to incorporate shades of purple, but naturally moved towards a dominant blue colour with crimson and amethyst accents.

    Overall style and inspiration

    Once the colour palette was set, we began to think of the style of shoot we wanted to create. Because of our French heritage, we have always been immensely inspired by our country’s history and after seeing a piece of royal blue Toile de Jouy fabric, we were set on a regal and decadent theme.


    Style! Elegance! All the bling! The shoot that we have today is absolutely gorgeous! Read all about the wonderful team and inspiration behind it. 

    The inspiration behind this shoot is showcasing two grooms in a classical and elegant way with a modern twist with a Downton Abbey influence. We decided to use a real-life couple, Maximilian and Elie to bring the romantic feel to life. The chemistry between the two grooms was effortless and heart felt which was captured in the photos.

    Sam from Flutterbee Me Events and Poppy from The Glitzy Balloon Company are the brains behind this shoot, to bring it to life. Sam is a wedding planner and naturally coordinated the team of amazing suppliers to make the day run to schedule and on time. Her eye for detail and passion for weddings meant she assisted the photographer and suppliers in creating the perfect setup.


    Ireland has a very special place in my heart and so I’m excited to share this gorgeous shoot with you! Beautifully photographed by Mairéad of Remain In Light on the Irish coast. 

    Love is love. When it comes to diversity in weddings, it doesn’t get any more special than this collaboration.

    Photographer, Mairéad first approached Indian wedding blogger, Poonam with a styled shoot concept inspired by the wild landscape of the west coast of Ireland. A popular place to elope to, it seemed perfect for the theme of forbidden love.

    It didn’t take Poonam long to fall in love with Ireland’s greenery and its Gaelic culture. After living and traveling extensively across the emerald isle, both Mairéad and Poonam were keen on capturing the beauty and heritage in an elegant same-sex elopement inspiration shoot.

    Inspired by Ireland’s vast landscape along the Wild Atlantic Way, Celtic mythology, and the recent marriage referendum vote, we handpicked wedding professionals who would complement our themes. This beautiful part of the world is evocative of Irish culture and conjures images of myths and legends. One such story in particular is that of star-crossed lovers, Deirdre and Naoise whose love is forbidden and in turn they are forced to run away.

    County Kerry is a popular place for such couples to run away and elope to. It’s a magical part of the country, with the Dingle peninsula being the most westerly point in Ireland. Many ships set sail for America and Canada from here, and descendants of those emigrants often return to their ancestral homeland seeking their own stories, some even coming back to elope.


    Today it’s a little bit of magic… Have you ever watched the Labyrinth, the 80s fairytale starring David Bowie? 
    A team of London wedding suppliers thought it would be a great wedding inspiration, put their talents together and organised a magical shoot. 

    The romantic fantasy film “Labyrinth” was a favourite of mine as a child and teenager and when I was thinking about ideas for a styled shoot it seemed rich with potential. Of course the famous balloon-sleeved ball dress and David Bowie’s skin tight trousers are the obvious elements to reference but other aspects lent themselves easily too; themes of owl feathers, books, clocks and masks, a gingerbread maze wedding cake, glass globes in the flower arrangements and bubbling cocktails to conjure up the bog of Eternal Stench! Touches of the 2018 colour of the year ‘ultra violet’ completed our theme.

    Learning as a teenager that the film is unusual in that it passes the Bechdal test was the beginning of my journey along the road of feminism. Female empowerment and strength is integral to the plot. So we decided to honour this with a same-sex female wedding couple. We wanted to create wedding inspiration at once magical and fantastical but also convincingly realistic, as if for a real couple.


    Hope you’ll enjoy this perfectly styled shoot, filled with beautiful details and gorgeous landscapes. 

    An intimate atmosphere, boho chic details, two men in a small countryside in Abruzzo and the creativity of an all-female team. The shoot took place in Santo Stefano di Sessanio a small countryside in Italy hit by the earthquake in 2009. After this event, the area was bought by a Swedish manager who fell in love with Abruzzo.

    This wonderful side of Abruzzo became a diffuse hotel, the project is known as Sextantio. The aim of the project is to bring back new life to this small countryside. With our shoot we tried to focus on the space; indoors and outdoors, nature and man. Our models are a real-life couple. The boho chic inspiration links every detail of the pictures while remarking on the elegance of nature and love.


    Yes, I know it’s almost 2019. Yes, I realise that Pantone came up with the new colour for that year. Yes I know Ultra Violet is an old news. But since I don’t really care about what Pantone says and I like doing things my way, today we are having an Ultra Violet styled shoot. Enjoy!

    We featured a lesbian couple, as we all feel too often same-sex couples are under represented in the wedding industry-which can still be quite old fashioned and traditional! So as suppliers, we wanted to support gay couples looking to plan their wedding.


    I’m seriously excited to share with you a shoot that is absolutely up my street! Gorgeous modern styling by Chenai, photography by uber talented Jo of Joasis Photography and some of the best locations in Shoreditch. 
    Check out the story and read the story behind the shoot from Chenai.

    Tim and Ben are a real life couple who I chose to give this elopement inspiration shoot real warmth and intimacy. Jo from Joasis Photography helped us tell the full story of a city elopement, starting from the beautiful images of the the couple getting ready and having their ‘ceremony shots’ outside East London’s Shoreditch Town Hall and Clove Club – we then circled back to Callooh Callay Bar for what would be a small reception celebration.


    After Australian sun, cliffs of Cornwall, sunny barn weddings today something totally different. A wonderfully styled, kick ass, heavy metal inspired shoot styled by Michaela of Clear Hearts and photographed by Paola de Paola.

    This couple are strong, daring, madly in love and blissfully married. They’re ready to rock, do shots and dance the night away into eternity.

    Their colour choices are a gorgeous winter palette of black and purple, with a hint of silver from intricate patterns of piercing studs.

    From a tattoo artist creating matching tattoos, to synchronised headbanging to their favourite song, this shoot is a kick-ass statement that women don’t have to be sugar-sweet to be bridal. Your day is your day, and love is love!