Congratulations on your LOVE !!!!!

Once Upon a Time events tailored by Sofia Barros, welcomes you in my humble events paradise.

My name's Sofia Barros, events since always are my thing.

As a little girl, that I can recall having my big house filled with different family & friends putting attention to every little detail, menu with Mum's help, setting up big tables and all the decorations.
Later, after finishing my BA(Hons) European Studies, I decided to transform a beautiful site of my big country house property into a farm style wedding venue reception.
For a year I was again a student at the École Hoteliére de Lausanne, were I graduated from hospitality management.
For a while, I was in the hotel industry in the events department, but later decided it was time to take off.
More than a decade in the aviation industry, however for several times/years I had an inner voice whispering events, events. I was too high flying to hear or even paying attention to it.

Many families and friends' gatherings, many weddings, or even smaller events I was present with some suggestions, planning or even organising it.
But now, here I am more than ready to be your love fairy, together we will have a happy ending that you wish for.

Your event day is the most important one to Once Upon a Time events tailored by Sofia Barros as I will be there at exclusive to your special event.
You can expect hassle free, at Once upon A Time Events all the bureaucratic details will be taken care of and you just make the important decisions.
No need to waste your time looking for unknown suppliers, Once Upon A Time Events, presents you with the most reliable ones to your event, do you already have one? Bring it on and we will work together.

Looking for the most off stream places? Hidden gems?
Shall we start… Whats your story?

Once upon a time…
Sofia Barros

P.S. Just small note, Portugal is the 8th country in the world to declare marriage of same sex couples in the world legal, since 5th June 2010.