Wedding planning: 6 Laid Back Entertainment Ideas for Small and Relaxed Weddings

Want to keep your guest list on the small side? Not all weddings have to be big, lavish affairs.

A lot of couples begin their wedding planning, only to realise that a large, traditional wedding isn’t for them. In many ways, planning a small and informal wedding celebration can be much easier to manage and allows you the opportunity to personalise your day.

So what can you do at a small wedding to keep guests entertained? Here are some more reserved wedding entertainment ideas that won’t overshadow your day.

Rob The Guitarist

Solo Guitarist

A solo acoustic performer such as a guitarist offers you enormous freedom in terms of where your musician can set up to perform. As versatile as they come, solo acoustic guitarists are amazing at providing background music to set the scene.

An accomplished wedding guitarist boasts sophisticated and elegant tones that stay relevant all year round, making it a perfect addition to any wedding – big or small.

Steel Pan Specialist

Steel Drums

Just because you’re having a small wedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t be unique with your music ideas. Steel drums are perfect for summer weddings to bring that Caribbean atmosphere and soundtrack to your day.

Better yet, they are a really cool talking point without being too overbearing on a low number of guests. Sit back and relax with your close friends and family with this amazing feel-good music in the background.

The Wolves

Acoustic Duo

Add a second musician to the mix for a more complete package, with the option for sing-alongs and dancing if your small party feels up for it!

Acoustic duos are great as they keep the vibe chilled, but also have the ability to bring a up tempo party set if that’s what you require from them. It’s unlikely that you will want an all out party band or DJ for a small wedding, so keep it low-key with a talented duo.

Cassie The Caricaturist


Give your guests something to enjoy and participate in with a caricaturist. Not only will they be able to make laugh and smile with ease, but they can also provide a keepsake souvenir for you to take home with you.

Caricaturists are generally non-intrusive and can be observed from a distance or enjoyed up close as a subject. They are also cost-effective and are a great idea for those additional touches to add something different to your day.

Lisa The Face Painter

Face Painter

If you want to add some colour to your wedding day, a face painter can be a really fun addition to make your wedding photos something to remember.

If you are having children at your wedding, consider hiring a face painter to keep them occupied whilst keeping things light hearted. If your guest list is made up of mostly adults then we recommend that this even more reason to hire a face painter! We don’t usually get to partake in this kind of fun so why not provide the opportunity on your wedding day?

Abi Plays Sax


A smooth Saxophonist can freestyle their way through parts of your day without requiring the attention of a large crowd.

For a small wedding, it is unlikely that you would think about booking a large band. For an alternative live music idea for the evening, a Saxophonistis the best compromise. They can even perform along to a DJ set to start the party if you feel like dancing!


This guest post was written by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment, one of our recommended suppliers.


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