That is definitely something new on this blog – a fashion feature. But when I saw this shoot and stunning dresses and then read the press release for the new collection from Sanyukta Shrestha, I couldn’t help myself. You can read all about it below. 

Following her 2016 Hers and Hers Collection, Sustainable luxury designer, Sanyukta Shrestha, extends her support to gay marriage with the launch of her 2019 collection, where two brides, need not mean a sacrifice in style choices, but an array of choices to match, clash or even replicate one another. Entwined Love gave a whimsical take on romance in her past collection. Entwined Love: Chapter 2 is the collection for the modern bride, where Sanyukta Shrestha brides inspire subtle innovation.

“I am thrilled to introduce this collection which gives brides the opportunity to match their bridal attire with their partners’. Every bride has her very own style and personality and just like you would match the colour scheme to your groom’s outfit, brides can now match their bridal style with the one of her partner without wearing the same dress or style but rather helping to highlight their individuality”.Sanyukta Shrestha

From window shoppers to the committed Sanyukta Shrestha brides, the creative juices of inspiration are flowing as soon as head designer meets the women who put forward their personality into creating a gown exclusive to themselves, ultimately embracing their uniqueness. Entwined Love-chapter 2 is the ultimate nod to the extraordinary women whom Sanyukta shared their wedding journey with.

“With their own set of needs, hopes and insecurities for the wedding dress, we work together to dissolve their fears and heighten their attributes; resulting in the dream dress coming to life. Whether she wants to celebrate her waistline with a tulle skirt over trousers or maintain a minimalist aesthetic in a slinky gown underneath a ball gown silhouette, The Chapter 2, is for the fashion forward bride with a clear vision to showcase their individuality”- Sanyukta Shrestha, Founder & Creative Director adds.

Using nature as her partner in bridal beauty, the organic, sustainable-sourced materials hug the female form, uniquely than other fabrics allow; giving all those who grace them a healthy glow and stunning refinement. From bamboo silk to organic cotton, Entwined Love – Chapter 2 celebrates the female body as they are. ‘Designed for You, Inspired by You’ is the mantra for this collection at the House of Shrestha.  Not only are they the inspiration, the Sanyukta Shrestha have paid the ultimate tribute to the many brides by immortalising them, naming each design after a special bride: Candice, Sarah, Francesca, Jamie, Maddy, Chloe and Martha to name a few!

From spinning to the final stitches, the handmade gowns, each echo ethereal beauty, embodying the unique individuality of the client. From wide leg jumpsuits to off-the-shoulder fishtail gowns, lace to hemp silk, the romanticism flowing through the collection is a celebration of femininity yet independence; perfect for the modern bride. By blending structured hemp silk with a fanciful chiffon, the Sanyukta Shrestha bride can customise her gown so she feels as beautiful as she looks.  Creative Director and Founder Sanyukta Shrestha, working in-house and playing an active role in the bride’s journey to the finished dress, is dedicated to solving the insecurities and issues of woman who wears her namesake. There is no single design that matches in the collection as designer describes that each design has personality and individuality more than only design elements. The bridal consultations with the Sanyukta Shrestha team are a therapeutic awakening for both, our brides and designer. After seventeen years at the job, Shrestha can tell what a bride wants, from their natural charisma, sometimes even before she speaks. The consultation session, with nurturing attention, brings your ideas to life yet magnifies your expectations through the luxury service.

Entwined Love-Chapter 2 is priced from £1500-£4000 available in all sizes from 4-24.

The Journey Continues: Brides, you’re invited to come join Chapter 3! The journey towards the birth of Chapter 2 inspired a new trend for the brand, so much that Entwined Love: Chapter 3 is in the works as we speak!’ – Sanyukta Shrestha team adds. If you’re interested in inspiring next Sanyukta Shrestha collection and being a part of the designer’s future creations, get in touch to book an appointment and become a #SanyuktaShresthaBride and enjoy your new collection gift voucher of £250 towards your order.

Photographer: David Christopher Photography
Makeup and Hair: MISS ROUGE @ Gemma Sutton

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