We did it!!

We’re live!!

Not sure really if anyone will read this post but we are totally excited to be starting this blog. We truly believe that there’s room and need for a place like that – full of same sex weddings that are cool and modern and alternative. We aim to stay away from pink colour and unicorns, although we challenge you – show us a really good pink & unicorns wedding and we will publish it proudly!

Wedding industry here in UK is really exciting at the moment with lots of amazing suppliers pushing boundaries and helping couples make their weddings special and their own. It really doesn’t have to be a white dress and cake cutting if someone doesn’t want to do it, karaoke party and a jumpsuit can be as festive and gorgeous way to celebrate a marriage.

And this is what we want to show here – fantastic suppliers who are creative and open and LGBTQ weddings that can inspire more people to  doing it their way and making the most of their wedding day.

So read, look, get inspired and if you were a part of an amazing same sex wedding – share it with us!


With lots of love,

GWB team

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