Wedding planning: How to make a wedding website

Hello, hope you’re enjoying your long weekend! Today we are talking about wedding websites. Even if it might seem like unnecessary work, wedding website can be a great resource for your guests and wonderful place to celebrate your big day. Today our friends at Hatton & Co share tips on the wedding website content.

What should you put on your wedding website?

Wedding websites are one of those trends that have been around for a while and most likely not going anywhere! A wedding website gives brides and grooms an easy way to communicate with the entirety of their guest list without having to call each one and talk to them individually. It saves time and the best part is it looks fantastic, so it’s bound to impress your guests. You’ll be able to keep each and every guest up-to-date and even feature a blog on there. But the big question is; what should you be putting on your website? There’s plenty of things you can include and here’s what we think you should know.

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The location

Having the location of the big day on your website is a great idea. You can even embed a map on there to show your guest what the surrounding areas look like. They’ll be able to let you know whether or not they’ll be able to get there on the day. Doing this means that they can attach the location to the calendar, so they don’t have to worry about finding the venue and panic in the morning.

Where to stay

Using a section telling people where they can book a room overnight is a nice little addition to the website. It’s a little convenience that shows your guest that you do actually care about them. If you haven’t booked everyone into a hotel or the venue already then this is a great idea. Doing the research for it won’t take long at all and if you call ahead and ask the surrounding hotels about possible discounts for the wedding party, they may have something for you. Letting the hotels know that with a discount, they’re guaranteed to have your guest list stay at the hotel, they’re more likely to offer the discount. It’s rare that a hotel will turn down a guaranteed guest list.

The wedding day schedule

Having the wedding schedule available on your wedding website will mean that you won’t have to pay the cost of printing it and sending it off to every single guest. What’s more, the fact that more or less everyone has a phone in their pocket, they’ll be able to simply go to your site and find the document instead of having to keep track of a piece of paper because let’s face it, someone will lose it.

Contact info

Putting your contact information on your wedding website will mean that even those that don’t have all your details. You’ll be able to direct your guests to your preferred method of contact if they have any questions. Creating an email address for your wedding will also mean that you can give these details to your vendors and organisers so that you don’t have to search through your personal emails to find them. You’re less likely to miss updates and emails from everyone.

Photos of you

Of course, you have photos of your partner and yourself. If you’ve been together for a while and you’re even getting married, it’s unavoidable. A wedding website would be the perfect place to put them. With that, you’ll be able to show the journey you’ve been on since you met the love of your life. All of the big holidays and the little getaways you’ve been on are a perfect feature.

Your story

Having an area of the website to tell your story would give you the opportunity to tell your guests when you love about each other and how you came to be. Whether it was a cliché coffee shop moment, love at first sight or just a chance meeting, telling your story is a great idea that gives your guests a little more insight into your lives.

Wedding theme

Showing people the theme of your wedding means that you’ll be able to offer a bit of inspiration for other couples looking to get married at some point soon. Now obviously you don’t have to keep the website after your wedding, but it’s a nice little addition for the memories. If you need help choosing the theme of your wedding, you can always add images to the website and ask for everyone’s opinion.

Dress code

Giving a little information of the dress code for your wedding will mean that you can mitigate the embarrassment of one guest turning up overdressed and another coming underdressed. There’s nothing worse than arriving at an even, let alone a wedding in the wrong attire so we’d say helping people out and giving them a few guidelines would be a nice thing to do.


Featuring a bit of info about your honeymoon will give your guests a little insight into your life after the wedding. You can tell them where you’re going and even create an image board and upload the honeymoon photos to it for the family and friends to see.

Message board

A message board can be a great thing to incorporate into your wedding website. You’ll be able to connect with guests on another platform and keep them up-to-date and informed with all things wedding. The guests can also talk amongst themselves and connect members of the family that they wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to talk to. This will also mean that everyone can discuss what they’ll be wearing and make sure that there aren’t any embarrassing moment when your mother-in-law runs into someone with the same outfit as them.


In the end, having a wedding website will mean that your guest will have an easier time of it and won’t have to be contacting you constantly for the information. You will only have to write it out once and can edit it all at any time. The ability to make changes will be handy if you have to edit the menu or update the contact information. What’s more, having a central hub of information means that you can share your special day with the people that mean the most to you, posting updates of your day and showing them what you’re up to keep them involved. This will show your guests that you do care about them and what to share the memory of your wedding with them.


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