I swear, this is heaven on earth and a perfect setting for the most romantic couple shoot! 

Blake and Richard traveled from North Carolina to Moorea Island (which is in French Polynesia northwest of Tahiti) for their honeymoon, where they took tropical photos while enjoying the sun and sea. They got married at the courthouse in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“When we first started planning a wedding, we quickly realized we did not want a traditional ceremony. So we decided to surprise everyone by having secret nuptials and eloping to French Polynesia. Besides staying at beautiful resorts, our second priority was to get amazing photographs to keep our memories for a lifetime. Helene and Sam perfectly captured the feel and essence of our honeymoon—pure bliss! We also booked a shark and stingray tour, snorkeling and a spa day. But what I enjoyed most was just relaxing and being with my husband in paradise!”

PHOTOGRAPHY: Helene Havard Photography & Sam from Flying World Pictures


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