I have planned and designed a number of styled shoots and love it, i feel that doing styled shoots gives the opportunity for creative suppliers to show what they can do and for couples to get their creative minds planning, instead of seeing the same old same.

I decided to start offering styled shoot workshops but whilst planning them, i learned that there was a lack of diversity when it comes to shoots and inspiration for alternative/non traditional couples. So my idea was to create a workshop using creative suppliers that would represent the style and then use real couples from diverse backgrounds. I wanted to provide fabulous photos to give inspiration to all couples, regardless of their faith, gender or culture.

My objective for the Diversity Wedding workshops is to offer ‘out the box’ alternative ideas and to show that you can be who you want to be on your day.

Each workshop will be based on a different style using suppliers and couples that match that particular mood-board, along with that each workshop shall be lead by an invited photographer to share their experience in the diverse world of weddings. I held my first workshop in December 2021 and had a few selected photographers and videographers to attend that represented the style of the shoot, which was fun and colourful. We started the shoot off with a bang, bright colours and lots of texture and the most amazing couple. We had a few talented photographers on board and a great videographer.


As I mentioned before it is so important to me to have the right suppliers that represent not just being diverse in their work but to also represent the theme that we are doing. I had researched a number of talented suppliers and a number of fun photographers and the team i had on board, really were amazing. Each one of them offered that unique style which is what i wanted, my couple … well they just oozed fun and then i had my guest photographer who led the workshop Paola De Paola Photo.

Finding the right couple is amust, they have to one be comfortable in front of the camera and two look like they own the set, Dan & Rhys @thosetwoqueerz defiantly owned it. The both of them just rocked it, also rocking the shoot was The Foxy Celebrant Maria who was our cabaret celebrant – bringing life and laughter to the stage.

It was definitely a great shoot to start off Diversity Wedding Workshops.


Venue: The Brighton Studio
Stylist: Rock The Dance Floor
Planner: Hire Societies / Diversity Wedding Workshops
Photography: Paola De Paola
Celebrant: Proud Fox Ceremonies
Outfits: Jay Whitestone Bridal 
Make up: Toni Searle Bridal
Stationery: Starchar Weddings
Cake: Elizabeth Berry Cakes
Decorations: Vintage Gems China Hire 
Couple: Dan & Rhys
Confetti: Your Confetti
Festival Hats: Glitz Girls
Table & Chairs: Lunas Props
Neon Light & Backdrop: Hire Your Day

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