STYLED SHOOT: Magical Rainbow Babe

The editorial of the Magical Rainbow Babe was dreamed by me, Lea of Leuska Design. I pulled together a team from UK and Hungary to organize a styled shoot. The vision of the shoot was to highlight something not traditional. As a lesbian, I wanted to make something for the LGBTQ+ family.

With this photoshoot, we wanted to show to couples, that they donʼt have to fit in with societyʼs wedding expectations. The wedding is all about the couple. If they donʼt feel that they need to have a big wedding and they just want to elope than that’s fine. If the bride/brides donʼt want to have a white dress then they don’t have to. The most important thing is that they love each other. Some of my couples changed their wedding invitation designs, decoration, dresses etc. because they were afraid of what others would say. Or precisely because the family members wanted to design their wedding. But there is one thing I always try to tell to couples. The wedding is about them, not about friends and family members. I know and I understand that telling your loved ones to “Back off it’s my wedding!” is not easy at all.

I teamed up with Hungarian photographer Alexandra Fehér, who really wanted to shoot something different and not traditional. We wanted to inspire couples and show them that they don’t have to follow the traditions if they don’t want to. The main inspiration for this shoot came from this quote:

“You are allowed to eat. You are allowed to take up space. You donʼt need to shrink yourself to fit in with societyʼs fucked up view of what bride ʼshouldʼ look like. You are a goddamn glorious, magical rainbow bebe and the world need more of you, not less!” – Kat Williams

Our colours are baby pink, blue and black. Thanks to our amazing team we created something really different. Itʼs a mix of magic, rainbow love, rockʼnʼroll with the hint of romance and neon. I know it sounds crazy, but I went out of the wedding box.


Venue: Studio Madison
Stylist: Leuska Design
Photography: Alexandra Fehér Photography 
Outfit 1: Coil Budapest
Outfit2: Mohito
Outfit 3: Ophelia Rose
Shoes: Dr. Martens 
Hair: PénzesBeaHairstylist
Flowers: Esküvődekor Nóritól
Decorations: Esküvődekor Nóritól
Stationery: Leuska Design
Cake: EAT ME Cake Boutique
The Neon Soda
Ilka Janka Nagy

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  • Becky Hassel

    I love this so much! You all nailed the non-traditional wedding! I hope this inspires more couples to follow their desires and escape from tradition!

    Thank you for sharing!

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