Top 5 wedding planning tips

With more than 15 years stage management experience in the West End, Ever Ever After’s husband and husband team, James & Sam Hayden-Harler, have a unique and unparalleled attention to detail, experience of making everything run smoothly and of course, the eye to make your wedding day uniquely memorable. Today they are sharing some golden tips for planning your wedding.

Top 5 tips for planning your wedding

Planning your dream wedding takes lots of time, effort and organisation. If you’re not sure where to start or are struggling for inspiration, here are our top five tips you’ll need to consider when planning your wedding.

1. Budget and allow 10-15% extra for little surprises
Setting a budget may be boring, but it is an essential that you set this first, as this will influence every decision you make for your wedding. Do plenty of research and set a rough budget before you start planning.  It can be quite daunting when you make a list of everything you need and you’ll be surprised how quickly it all adds up. When shopping around for quotes confirm with the retailer or supplier whether they include VAT. If not, you may find you’ll be hit with an invoice for more than originally quoted. If you are finding your budget is going over, make a list of priority items you must have, as well as another list for ‘would like to have’. This will make sticking to your budget much easier!

2. The Personal Touch
Use the skills of your friends and family to help you make your day individual and special for you.  Once the big things are sorted, think about the details that will make your day special.  What do you enjoy doing as a couple?  How did you meet?  Where were your first dates? Let the inspiration for your day come from the journey you have already taken together.  Guests love a wedding that has a really personal touch. For instance, you may have a mutual love of a particular band or holiday destination.

3. Contingency Plans
With all the best planning in the world, things can still often not go ahead as you had planned. Therefore make sure you have contingencies plans in place and that all of your wedding party, venue and suppliers know about them and at what point the plan will be put into action. If you are planning your wedding to take place outdoors, you’ll most certainly need a contingency planning for both wet weather and hot weather!
4. Keep Your Focus
Whilst you will spend lots of time of the details of your day, try to not get caught up in perfecting everything. There is only so much you both can control. The most important aspect of your day is marrying one another, declaring your vows and celebrating your love for each other with your family and friends.5. Remain Calm
Try not to get too stressed when planning your wedding day. On average it can take over 250 hours of planning to put your wedding together. Consider making yourself a timeline for your planning, details what jobs you both need to get done each month. That way you know from one month to the next what needs to be done still. Be sure to take time away from wedding planning, ensuring it doesn’t take over your life. Enjoy your engagement and all that it offers! Finally, if you think you could benefit from some extra assistance, consider if it’s worth having someone help plan and run your special day.

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