BOOK LAUNCH: ‘Unruly: The Honest and Rulebook-free Guide to Modern Wedding Planning.’

So exciting! I often hear from my couples how confusing and overwhelming planning your own wedding is. After all most people have never planned such a big event in their lives, there is so many things to think about and so many traditions and expectations to deal with. “Do we need to have bridesmaids?” “What’s the deal with cake cutting?”
Thankfully ladies of Revelry Events are here to your rescue with their new book “Unruly: The Honest and Rulebook-free Guide to Modern Wedding Planning.” and I’m so excited for you to have a guide to plan the wedding o your own terms!

Wedding planning is hard and every wedding is different. There is no magic formula to planning your own which can make it a stressful process. That’s what wedding planners Revelry Events are here to remedy with their new book Unruly: The Honest and Rulebook-free Guide to Modern Wedding Planning.

If the thought of chair covers, receiving lines and throwing a bouquet makes you want to heave, this book is a must-read. Unruly is a guide to planning a rulebook-free wedding that trashes the traditions you don’t want to continue. It features sound advice, practical hacks and all-round great ideas from planners and suppliers on how to plan your own wedding. The book also includes a downloadable pre-organised spreadsheet with nifty tabs for your budget, checklist and research as well as a schedule template, both of which are fully editable and easy to use. It’s type-A planning at its finest, with a healthy side-order of good humour.

There are a ton of guides and apps out there, so what makes this different? Revelry Events have been planning weddings for over 13 years, so they know weddings are more than just table plans and first dances – there are family politics, budgets that can’t stretch any further and an industry that’s largely unregulated – this book gives frank and practical advice on how to plan a modern wedding and keep yourself sane whilst doing it.

Featuring chapters about budgeting, booze, finding your wedding style, what to do when, and lots more, it walks you through engagement to wedding day with total honesty, and just a teensy bit of swearing.

Unruly is the lovechild of Holly and Susannah, owners of Revelry Events. It pools their knowledge and experience of weddings of all shapes and sizes, changing trends and traditions and crucial behind the scenes information. Holly and Susannah understand what couples really want and need to know when planning a wedding and that’s what you’ll find in this book

Unruly is available to download on Amazon for £3.99 as an e-book or £9.99 in paperback, including access to all the invaluable downloads.

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