Wedding planning advice: 10 Things to consider while choosing LGBTQ+ wedding rings

Two wedding rings for LGBT couple - photo on Gay Wedding BlogPhoto: Royalty free from Equalli

Choosing you wedding rings is a big decision. To help you, today we have some advice from Roland Dean of Equalli – a company specialising in beautiful and high quality jewellery, serving LGBTQ+ community. 

Love is a wonderful feeling and it’s only natural to want to celebrate it by making an official engagement. And what better way of saying I love you to the person next to you than with a beautiful wedding ring?

Even more, due to the legalization of same-sex marriages in so many countries across the globe, nowadays everyone has the possibility to freely celebrate their feelings. However, this freedom didn’t bring too much change in jewelry stores and there are not that many brands to consider the needs of a same-sex couple.

This is why we put together a short guide to help you out.

1. Choosing the style

With traditional man and woman weddings, the style is clear: the man gets a thick band while the woman can choose something more delicate and refined. However, with LGBT wedding rings, the options are limitless.

For instance, some couples decide to choose completely different styles, but with a unifying element. This way, both partners show they are unique, but united by their love for each other.

2. Wedding band or engagement ring?

This is a choice you’ll have to make, but there is also the option of going with a matching set. This means that you can get a wedding band and the matching engagement ring and decide who wears the one and who the other.

3. Matching rings or not

This is a legit question and it shows up in both heterosexual and LGBT couples. The answer is no, there is no rule that says the rings must match. It’s just a tradition that was designed to allow people around to identify you as a married couple.

4. Choosing the metal

Just like when you decide on the design, the metal is a personal choice and only you can take it. However, it may help to know that most modern couples choose platinum or white gold. The wonderful aspect of these two materials is why they are so appreciated for special occasions.

Of course, if you don’t feel a special attraction towards these metals, you can always choose a different one. For instance, if you want to highlight the durability and strength your love has, titanium is a fantastic choice!

5. Narrowing down your choices

There are lots of beautiful rings out there and most of them are gorgeous, which is why it’s very easy to lose yourself in a plethora of choices. This is why it’s important to put a limit on the number of models you can consider. By narrowing down the choices, you’ll manage to take the decision a lot faster and with little to no drama.

Two brides exchanging wedding rings at same sex wedding - photo on Gay Wedding BlogPhotography by eva photography

6. Consider the budget

Of course, the budget is one huge aspect you need to consider and should be among the first on your list. We recommend setting two types of budgets: the one you’re comfortable to spend and the absolute maximum you can afford to spend. This way, if you find a design you love and fits your preferences as a couple, you can buy it without regrets.

7. Go shopping together

The question has been popped and there’s no surprise to what’s going to happen next. So it makes sense that you should both be involved in this decision. We recommend going shopping together since this is an item you’ll both wear for the rest of your lives.

After all, some modern couples shop together for the engagement ring, so why shouldn’t you two make a joint decision on the wedding rings?

8. Think ahead

Even though these days we don’t put that much importance on the rings, it’s still a big decision that will be with both of you for a long time. That’s why it is important to think ahead and consider things like resizing (yes, finger size changes with age in both men and women), refitting, or even refreshing or improving.

9.Consider your lifestyle

This is a piece of jewelry that will be with you every day for the rest of your life so you should try and match it to your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re a performance athlete, it makes no sense to get a flashy ring with lots of embellishments and a huge stone. It wouldn’t fit your lifestyle and you may even get injured with a big piece on your finger.

10. Consider how you’ll wear the ring

The traditional way of wearing a wedding ring is on each partner’s left hand, on the ring finger. However, many LGBT couples wear it according to their preferences and convenience. So, before you make the purchase, have a discussion on this topic.

Head to Equalli website to see a range of gorgeous hand made jewellery (and they do ship worldwide!).

Two wedding rings for LGBT couple - photo on Gay Wedding BlogPhotography by eva photography 

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